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The Whirlwind

Isaac and Katrina make such a nice couple. Pastor Mike Hoggard explores the possibility that these two hurricanes have more in common than just wind and rain.

Serious Bible students recognize there are numerical patterns in the Bible, and that God uses numbers to convey meaning and provide supernatural veracity to Scripture. God's ratio, the Golden ratio, or the Fibonacci sequence is found throughout creation and is very evident in the formation of a hurricane. For every significant number found in the Bible, the devil and occultists have their cheap imitations. All the numbers belong to God and satan usurps them for his own cause. Too frequent to be coincidental, these numbers are hidden in plain sight in popular movies. Even the national media thought it was quite a coincidence that hurricane Isaac hit New Orleans the exact same day that Katrina hit the exact same area seven years ago in 2005. This video will connect some very interesting dots between Isaac, Katrina and 9/11. This is a warning that America needs to pay attention to, and Bible believing Christians need to take to heart. 9/11 is not over; evil forces are getting ready for a supercharged encore.


Evolution and the New World Order

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