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Pastor Mike is now on BIBLE TRUTH RADIO twenty four hours per day, seven days per week.  You can listen to Pastor Mike's teachings and sermons, other pastors who teach Truth from the King James Bible, prophecy series, music, and more. Listen now to live Bible Truth Radio, click on the radio broadcast tower or click here.  

Mobile apps are available for Bible Truth Radio which which will enable you to listen on your mobile device.  For an iPhone app, click here.  For an Android app, click here.  Many third part apps are also available like Sony MYLO and PSP, Chumby Internet Device, Radio Bee mobile applications and many more, click here.

It is our desire here at Bethel Church to Bless you by broadcasting the very best in teachings from the King James Bible by pastors and ministers who still teach Truth and have not been corrupted.  We hope you enjoy and will tell others about this new world wide outreach ministry from Bethel Church. Please pray for this new ministry, that God will Bless and use it for His Glory.

Pastor Mike

newsimageanimated Radio Station KBTR-FM is now broadcasting in Kenya Africa, click here.


Evolution and the New World Order

evolution_of_manWithout Darwin evolution, could there be a New World Order?  Why is the theory of evolution taught as fact?  For the answer to these and many more questions, click here.

Romans Bible Study

romansJoin with us as Pastor Hoggard teaches from the Book of Romans, click here.

Acts Bible Study

Come and join us as we travel through the Book of Acts.  You will be Blessed as Pastor Hoggard teaches from the King James Bible, click here.
giantPastor Hoggard presents an in depth study of Giants from the King James Bible, click here.

You Are Invited to Join With Us!

watchmancommunity_logo_250x169The Watchman Community is a pay membership website where you can fellowship with other Christians.  There are many other advantages too numerous to list here.  Come join us and see what all the excitement is about, click here.

Ten Commandments

ten_commandments_01_mosesJoin us as Pastor Mike teaches an in depth series of sermons on the Ten Commandments.  Click here.

Titus Bible Study

titusJoin Pastor Hoggard as he teaches through the Book of Titus, click here.
nebuchadnezzar_statueJoin Pastor Mike Hoggard as he teaches through the Book of Daniel using the King James Bible, click here.

Prophecy & Bible Study

mike_hoggard_113w For Watchman, click here. For Pure Bible Study, click here. (For Watchman audio only), click here.

   pure_bible_study_logo     watchman_video_broadcast_logo

Revelation Bible Study

revelationCome and Join us for a wonderful journey through the Book of Revelation.  You will be Blessed as Pastor Hoggard teaches from the King James Bible, click here.

1 Corinthians Bible Study

Join us Pastor Hoggard teaches through the Book of 1 Corinthians. click here.

Our Media Library

Mamike_front_pulpit_111wny of Pastor Mike's sermons are available, click here.  For an index of sermons, click here.


Genesis Bible Study

noahs-ark-zoomJoin us as we explore the Book of Genesis.  You will be Blessed as Pastor Hoggard teaches from the King James Bible, click here.