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hebrewsJoin with us as Pastor Hoggard teaches the Book of Hebrews using the King James Bible, click here.

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Join us on a journey through Prophetic King James Bible Scriptures.  You will be Blessed as Pastor Hoggard teaches this Understanding Prophecy Series. Click here.

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Witchcraft in Church

witchcraft_in_churchWitchcraft is now present in churches that label themselves "Christian".  Hard to believe?  Pastor Hoggard presents proof, click hereQueen of Heaven and the Harlot Roman Catholic Church, click here.

Why I Am Not a Freemason

masonic-symbolWhy I Am Not a Freemason; a witnessing tool, click hereThe Square and the Compass, click here.

Hebrew Roots Danger

hebrew rootsDangers of the Hebrew Roots Movement.  For more information, click here.

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Pastor Mike Online one hour webcast is here.  Pastor Mike will be webcasting each Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM CST.  Come join us as we study the Word of God, including some current events, from the King James Bible.  For program archives, click here.

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kbtr fm logo Station KBTR-FM (Kenya Bible Truth Radio) is now broadcasting the Truth to thousands in Kenya, Africa.  For more information, click here.

 Pastor Mike Hoggard has a new blog, click here.

New Website, Hope Foundation BICM, click here.

Rochester Prophecy Seminar, click here.

Africa Missions Trip 2011, click here.

King James Bible Seminar, click here.

Live Webcasts of all services at Bethel are NOW AVAILABLE, click here.  Twenty Four Hour Bible Truth Radio is NOW AVAILABLE, click here.
Read Pastor Hoggard's books on-line, click here.

Book of Romans Bible Study, click here.
Understanding Prophecy Series has been posted, click here

Southwest Radio Ministries Interviews, new_animatedinterview posted each month click here.

The Book of Revelation is being taught, click here.

 watchmancommunity_logo_250x169Good News!  Our Watchman Community is now available.  Click here.

2010_prophecy_seminar  For those of you who have been waiting, the wait is over.  You can now watch or listen to the 2010 Prophecy Seminar, sponsored by Cutting Edge Ministries. To watch the entire Seminar, Click here.

wrb_logo You can now access an archive of all Pastor Hoggard's Watchman  Radio Broadcasts, Click Here.

   You can watch or listen to all the Aug. 6-8 2010 Bethel Homecoming sessions by clicking here and 2011 by clicking here.


 Thanks to all of you who help with the Watcher’s Packets sent out from Bethel Church each month.  We are a small church with limited resources and it makes quite a difference. We are sending several of these Watchers Packets to different churches in Africa, and other countries, where they are hungry for the Truth of the Word of God.   

I can’t begin to tell you how much all of your love and prayers mean to me.

God Bless you all,

Pastor Mike





music-notesSouthern Raised Blue Grass Music, click here

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Bible Truth Radio

bible_truth_radio_micNow broadcasting the Truth of the King James Bible 24 hours a day.  To listen, click here.

The Babel Conspiracy

woman_riding_on_beastTo view, click here.

Missing KJV Bible

emerging_churchTo view Missing KJV, click here.  To view Which Bible?, click here.

Jesus - DNA - Bible


Science is catching up with the Bible! Pastor Michael Hoggard shows the amazing correlations between the Holy Bible and DNA. To view, click here.


Are You Saved?

If you do not know for sure that you are saved, please click here so you can settle this issue permanently.  Satan does not want you to accept God's gift of eternal life with Him in Heaven.  He wants to drag you into Hell with him, and the time for you to make a decision on your eternal destiny grows very short.  The time will soon come when God will no longer offer his gift of eternal life. Making no decision is the same as rejecting God and choosing to spend eternity in Hell. Please do not put off making your decision for Jesus until it is too late.  Click here now.

God Bless you and I hope to see you in Heaven

Pastor Mike


rapture church Translation of God's Church, click here.


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dragonSpiritual Warfare & how to defeat Satan, click here. How Satan is corrupting the true Word of God, click here.

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Evolution and the New World Order

evolution_of_manWithout Darwin evolution, could there be a New World Order?  Why is the theory of evolution taught as fact?  For the answer to these and many more questions, click here.

Romans Bible Study

romansJoin with us as Pastor Hoggard teaches from the Book of Romans, click here.

Acts Bible Study

Come and join us as we travel through the Book of Acts.  You will be Blessed as Pastor Hoggard teaches from the King James Bible, click here.
giantPastor Hoggard presents an in depth study of Giants from the King James Bible, click here.

You Are Invited to Join With Us!

watchmancommunity_logo_250x169The Watchman Community is a pay membership website where you can fellowship with other Christians.  There are many other advantages too numerous to list here.  Come join us and see what all the excitement is about, click here.

Ten Commandments

ten_commandments_01_mosesJoin us as Pastor Mike teaches an in depth series of sermons on the Ten Commandments.  Click here.

Titus Bible Study

titusJoin Pastor Hoggard as he teaches through the Book of Titus, click here.
nebuchadnezzar_statueJoin Pastor Mike Hoggard as he teaches through the Book of Daniel using the King James Bible, click here.

Prophecy & Bible Study

mike_hoggard_113w For Watchman, click here. For Pure Bible Study, click here. (For Watchman audio only), click here.

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Revelation Bible Study

revelationCome and Join us for a wonderful journey through the Book of Revelation.  You will be Blessed as Pastor Hoggard teaches from the King James Bible, click here.

1 Corinthians Bible Study

Join us Pastor Hoggard teaches through the Book of 1 Corinthians. click here.

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Mamike_front_pulpit_111wny of Pastor Mike's sermons are available, click here.  For an index of sermons, click here.


Genesis Bible Study

noahs-ark-zoomJoin us as we explore the Book of Genesis.  You will be Blessed as Pastor Hoggard teaches from the King James Bible, click here.