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THE KING JAMES CODE – VOLUME I, II, III, IV, & V – Our signature series.  Five DVD's, almost 14 hours of teaching on Bible Numerics and Bible prophecy, including our most recent additions - THE PENTACLE OF POWER and REVELATION 666.  More in this series to follow.

BIBLICAL TEACHINGS ON THE RAPTURE – PARTS 1-4 – Another two DVD set, with a four part series on a Biblical understanding of the translation of the Gentile Church.

INVASION – VOLUME I & II – A two DVD set.  This teaching shows the details of the attack on the Church from the book of Ephesians (principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places).  See this attack taking place in our homes, our churches and our government.

THE EMERGING CHURCH – Part three of the INVASION series.  This video is a must for anyone trying to understand why churches are going through drastic changes.

THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC – Topics include the root of Rock and Roll, backward masking, occult themes, etc.

THE OCCULT IN CHRISTIAN MUSIC – An expose of paganism making its way in today’s most popular contemporary music, with examples and video clips.

THE DAVINCI CODE UNMASKED – This video examines key elements of Dan Brown's book and film on this subject.  Topics include The Holy Grail, the Merovingian Bloodline, Shekinah, Baphomet, and much more.

WHICH BIBLE SHOULD I BELIEVE – A verse by verse comparison of the King James with other Bibles.  You won't believe what is missing.  This video also gives a clear Biblical teaching why the Authorized Version is the Word of God.

THE BABEL CONSPIRACY – A teaching on the role the 9/11 attacks play in Bible prophecy.  This teaching deals with Bible numerics and the Illuminati signature that can be seen in key events in recent history.

THE SECRET OF SOLOMON'S KEY REVEALED – This video is a must for anyone who studies or has questions about secret societies including Freemasonry.  Find out their biggest SECRET from its only written source, the King James Bible.


JESUS CHRIST, DNA, AND THE HOLY BIBLE – The Scriptures and science come together as we see the amazing connection between the Holy Bible, and the code book of our bodies, DNA.

THE MOTHER OF ALL SECRETS – Discover, from the pages of the King James Bible, the most diabolical secret ever concealed by mankind.  From Freemasonry to the New Age and UFO movement, you will see what Satan has wanted to keep secret for thousands of years.

TRIPLE HELIX – The third part of the series that includes Jesus Christ, DNA, and the Holy Bible, and The Mother of All Secrets.  See how science, the occult, and secret symbols merge together to de-evolve mankind and transform human DNA.

FREEMASON SYMBOLS REVEALED – Part 1 of the Answers to the Lost Symbol series.  An in depth study and revealing of the symbols, rituals, and monuments of Freemasonry.

CAPITOL SECRETS – Part 2 of the Answers to the Lost Symbol series.  Dan Brown takes the reader of his latest book on a esoteric journey through the monuments and design of Washington D.C.  In this video we not only show from the Bible the true meaning of these, but expose  the fact that they reveal the coming of the Anti-Christ to the earth in the last days.

PROPHETS OF THE NEW ORDER – Part 3 of the Answers to the Lost Symbol series.  From John Dee and Francis Bacon, to Steven Spielberg and Dan Brown, we expose the secret plan that has been unfolding throughout history, and from Scripture show the source of this diabolical plan.

CHAOS – This video sheds new light on the Masonic phrase ORDO AB CHAO.  Find out what the true meaning of chaos really is!

GLENN BECK, KINGDOM TEHOLOGY, AND THE TEMPLE OF THE ANTICHRIST - Brand new information on the occult symbolism of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.  This video also reveals that Mormonism, Dominion or Kingdom Theology, and the New Age all have the same agenda of enthroning the Antichrist in the near future.

THE EARTHQUAKES – Parts I and II – What may seem as random events are really part of a spiritual plot to strengthen Lucifer as he prepares to take dominion over planet earth.  The amazing occult signatures that are present in the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes are exposed in this DVD.

RISE OF THE PHOENIX - This video reveals the startling occult significance and symbolism of the 33 miners in Chile.  The whole world was very subtly indoctrinated with the age old mystery doctrine of the rise of the Antichrist.

THE TRUTH BEHIND JOEL’S ARMY – A movement is stirring in the neo-Pentecostal/Charismatic world that seems holy and right on the outside, but is part of the biggest secret that goes all the way back to Eden and culminates in the opening of the bottomless pit in Revelation 9.  See the truth, and the similarities between Joel’s description of a last days army and the description of the locust army in Revelation 9.  Also, find out what presidential candidate is right in the middle of this army from Hell.

BAPHOMET: THE GOD OF TRANSFORMATION – Using the King James Bible, we decode the symbolism behind the god of the Knights Templar.  Our world, our nation, and our churches are being transformed to the image of Lucifer.  This DVD reveals HOW this transformation takes place. - 2 hours in length.

THE HOLY BIBLE:  A SURE WORD OF PROPHECY – A clear Biblical teaching on what should be our ONLY source of inspiration in these days of false teachers.  Included in this video are clips of occult manifestations in churches all over the country.

UNDERSTANDING DIRECT PROPHETS – Part 1 of the Understanding Prophecy series. This video teaching goes in depth to show the student of the Bible how to understand the Bible as a prophetic voice.  “For God speaketh once, yea, twice..”

THE TRUMPETS – Part 2 of the Understanding Prophecy series.  This second video in the series is an introduction into Bible typology, stories in the Old and New Testament of the Bible that reveal prophetic events.

THE CLOUDS – Part 3 of the Understanding Prophecy series. An in-depth study of the revealed language structure of the King James Bible.  You will see the sign of the coming of Christ in a whole new light, and be equipped to discern the difference between Jesus coming, and the coming of the Beast.  Find out why Mary wrapped Jesus in swaddling clothes!

THE FORBIDDEN PRACTICES – An in depth study of Deuteronomy 18 and the 9 forbidden practices, and how they are manifested today.  This video also shows how the Bible believer can overcome these practices with things that are far better!

THE MYSTERY OF CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER – An in depth study of Christian mysticism, altered states of consciousness, and the root and goal of these practices.

WHAT IS SINGULARITY - Science, technology and spiritualism are converging to electronically and biologically enhance humans to the point of godhood, fulfilling the promise of the serpent in Genesis 3, and leading to the mark of the beast in Revelation 13.

THE CYCLES OF CHRISTIAN GROWTH – Several years ago God began to deal with me and show me things from the Scriptures about how the Christian life really is and not how the false prophets of today have made it into.  Our feelings of defeat and deadness in our spiritual life are only temporary and a part of our overall growth and strength in the Lord

THE SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL - A detailed study of how the harlot spirit of witchcraft becomes a stronghold in a nation, a church or ministry, and in our homes.  A great study in spiritual warfare.

THE SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD – A teaching from Isaiah 11 and the seven spirits mentioned there, this video also contrasts seven false spirits of Antichrist.

BIBLICAL PRINCIPALS OF GOVERNMENT - We are at a very crucial time, not only in America, but all over the world.  With the rise of a New World Order and Global Government, we examine the Scriptures in search of God's best plan for governing mankind.

ATTACK ON OUR CHILDREN - Through commercials, movies, t.v. shows, toys, books, and magazines the enemy is targeting our children to raise up a generation of people who know not God.  Be informed and be armed.

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY?  - What does the Bible say about consuming alcoholic beverages.  If you think its O.K., then you will probably not want to watch this DVD.

A THIEF IN THE NIGHT – Christ could come for you at any time.  Are you ready to meet him?

MAN WALKED WITH DINOSAURS - do you believe the Bible or those that teach the theory of evolution?

ALL SEEING EYE - Pastor Hoggard examines the forming total surveillance system that is being developed and rapidly put into place.  This system will permit the New World Order Police State to control every detail of every one's life.
 THE FORBIDDEN PRACTICES - Child Sacrifice; Divination; Astrology; Enchantments; Witchcraft; Charming; Channeling of Spirits; Wizardry; and Necromancy.

AMERICAN GODDESS - The hidden secret inside the Statue of Liberty.

EARTHQUAKE 3/11/2011 - Spiritual significance of this destructive earthquake is explored.

REVELATION 666 -You will discover the number 6 carries a unique meaning for both God's Plan and Satan's counter-plan.

THE MYSTERY OF MECCA - Pastor Hoggard reveals that Islam is simply Pagan Goddess Worship.

ASTROLOGY AND DANIEL'S FOURTH KINGDOM - Pastor Hoggard explains the dangers of Astrology.

UFOs: CHARIOTS OF THE BEAST - The King James Bible tells us exactly what they are, where they come from, their connection with the Antichrist, and how God is going to use them in His judgments of this world in the very near future.

BILDERBERG: THE TRUE STORY - Pastor Hoggard shows the true and hidden agenda behind the meeting of the Bilderbergers.

BAPHOMET HAS BEEN BORN! - Pastor Hoggard examines, in depth, Baphomet and transformation.

SUBLIMINAL SUBVERSION - Pastor Hoggard examines how your thoughts can be programed.

THORNS - The crown of thorns and the defeat of Antichrist.

THE BEAST OF 9/11 - Pastor Hoggard examines the events of 9/11 in the Light of the King James Bible.

BABEL CONSPIRACY - A dark conspiracy which will one day lead to global domination by Satan.

EVOLUTION & THE NEW WORLD ORDER - The relationship between the NWO and the lie of evolution.

THE MISSING KJV BIBLE - Satan's plan to destroy God's Word.

THE CULT OF 33 - King James Code; Scripture Numerics and Bible Prophecy; Volume 6 - The Number 33

NASA AND THE HOLY GRAIL - What is the Holy Grail and why is NASA involved?

JESUS CHRIST, DNA, & THE HOLY BIBLE - Science is catching up with the Bible!

BIBLICAL CASE AGAINST RICK WARREN - The King James Bible condemns false gospel of Rick Warren.

MODERN BIBLE TRANSLATIONS & SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST - Exposes the connection & hidden agenda.

WITCHCRAFT IN THE CHURCH - Exposes actual witchcraft that has moved into many "christian" churches.

THE MISSING PIECE - How Babylon the Great is Building the New World Order.

THE GIANTS, parts 1,2 & 3 - An in depth study of Giants as revealed in the King James Bible.

THE TWO TOWERS - Rebuilding Babylon and the King which will soon rule planet Earth. 

QUEEN OF HEAVEN, parts 1 & 2 - Exposes the Roman Church that wants money for salvation.

DRUNK, parts 1 & 2 -Things  you did not know the Bible said about wine and alcohol.

THE UNITED NATIONS, parts 1 & 2 - Hidden information on the UN.

SOUTHERN RAISED BLUEGRASS - Some excellent Gospel Blue Grass music by some very talented young Christians.

WHICH BIBLE?  You be the Judge, Parts 1,2 & 3 - An examination of all the various bible translations available today.

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BY DIVINE ORDER – My first book, now reprinted by our ministry.  See the amazing numerical patterns that prove the King James Bible is the Word of God.

THE KING JAMES CODE – This sequel to BY DIVINE ORDER, now also available through our ministry.  This book shows the meaning and prophetic understanding of many of the numbers you see in the Bible.

THE BABEL CONSPIRACY – Companion book to the DVD of the same title, with updated information.

CAPITAL SECRETS: The Lincoln Memorial, Temple of the Antichrist - It is 40 pages, full color, easy to read, and packed full of information.

THE TWO BABYLONS – A reprint of Alexander Hyslop's in-depth study of the relationship between the mystery religions of ancient Babylon and the Roman Catholic system.  This book is a great source of detailed information.

WATCHMAN COMPANION SERIES - Transcripts from videos into book form.


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